New Church/New Friends

We’ve wanted to find a church nearby (within walking distance) to get connected with people. Of course, we needed to find a church that has a service in English. Every time we walked to town, we would pass a small, generic-looking building on the corner of a busy crossroad in and out of town. On Monday, September 29th, on our walk to the grocery store, we had a little extra time and decided to stop to read the sign on the side of the building. “Look” I stated excitedly to Mark, “It's a church and they have a service in English on Wednesday nights”. We decided we would give it a try that week (October 1st).

On Wednesday we went into town, to a little pizza place we like, to get a bite to eat before the 7pm service.  We had a medium sized Hawaiian style pizza with two drinks - all for $9.00.  Side note: the stray dogs know where to hang out to get some discarded pizza crust. Not very nutritious, but I don’t think they care too much. We took our time to eat and chat with each other before a casual walk to the church. We thought we would get there a little early (about 6:45 pm) and have some time to meet & greet. We walked up to the church and could hear the pastor already speaking (in English).  We debated whether to go in or not – we didn’t want to interrupt. We decided to go in and sit in the back. It turns out that the service started at 6 pm not 7 – oops.

After service, we hung around to chat and the group was super friendly. They were expats from all over the US and Canada. Some had been there for years and some for months. We mentioned that the sign outside says the Wednesday service starts at 7. One of the gals said “Oh, we changed a long time ago. We put a sticker over the 7, I guess it must have fallen off.” Another couple that started chatting with us told us that on the 1st Sunday of every month, after the 10 am service, the expats get together for a potluck at someone’s house. “Perfect”, I responded, “that sounds like fun! But, we will need a ride.” She said not to worry; there will be someone to give us a lift.

So, on Sunday we went to the 10 am service. They had modern worship music (in Spanish) and one song in English. The sermon/teaching on the first Sunday service is in English and is translated into Spanish (through a bilingual expat interpreter). All other Sunday services are in Spanish. After service we caught a ride with our new Canadian friends Wally and Carol.

Sunday Service

Sunday Service

We traveled about 15 minutes down the road to Helen’s house. She has a beautiful property that is off the main road tucked back down a short gravel path toward the river. She has a large grassy area with several fruit trees. You can also hear the rushing river just a few feet from the gazebo we were eating under.   Helen’s husband died several months ago and she wants to sell the property. A few people asked if we were interested in buying it. “No thank you” we stated, “we just want to rent for now.”

We had a great time of fellowship and filled our bellies with all kinds of good food. Wally & Carol offered to give us a ride back to our apartment – which we gladly accepted.  They live about 3 miles up the road and have invited us over to visit. That will be another day and another blog.

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