Basura (Trash)

I (Tina) never thought I would be writing trash talk, but here I go.

There are lots of new discoveries in Costa Rica and one was the trash. When we were driving around the first few days of our arrival we kept seeing these metal bins on metal poles. There were all different shapes and sizes. Some were empty and some had seemingly random trash in them. We asked the driver what those metal cages were for. He explained that it was for trash. "Why are they up off the ground? Why do they seem so small? Do they recycle here?" I inquired.

"I will answer one at a time," he said slowly. He went on to describe that there are a lot of loose dogs that run the streets and will tear open the trash to get to discarded food - that's why they are off the ground. "We don't produce much trash and they pick up trash 2-3 times a week, so the bins are ok being small. Plus, if yours is overfull, you can always use your neighbors." He said they do recycle in Costa Rica, but didn't explain further.

 My guess is they recycle and separate the trash out at the dump. We have never seen anything separated in the bins.The only area we saw that had containers for recycling glass, plastic or paper was in front of the big supermarket we go to. This is not very convenient for us and others too. So, I'm not quite sure how they do it and nobody ever has a complete answer for me.

I think it's kind of fun to see the variety of bins as the slide show displays. I could take 100 pictures and they would all be a little different. But, I didn't think you would want to see 100 pictures of trash bins. I thought it was creative of the person who owns the one that has welded horse shoes and other scrap metal to form their bin. (by the way, there is a random horse that is in one picture. I have no idea if it belonged to someone or just roaming the road.)

I think that's about all the trash talk for now. Maybe more later. ;-)

Posted by Tina