Eden Bed & Breakfast

After our relocation tour and staying in a hotel, our next lodging is at Eden Atenas Bed & Breakfast. Our Canadian hosts are Jan and Avtar and their German Shepherds Lily and Max. It is off a main road down a gravel road about 1/2 mile. The gravel road is called Calle Mimi. We asked how it got that name and they said someone named Mimi lived on the street and it got to be known as that. But, no one knew where to turn because there was no street sign. So Avtar had a sign made and posted it at the start of the gravel road. The taxis don't like to drive the road because it can be muddy and lots of pot holes.

We are the only guests on the property right now and got upgraded to "the apartment" for the week we're here, at no extra charge. Our reservation was for a room, but the apartment is a large, 2 bedroom unit, separate from the main house.  It has a kitchen with a small stove, microwave and small refrigerator, one bathroom and two bed areas. The property is very lush with all sorts of vegetation. Jan is a horticulturist and she has carefully and purposefully planted hundreds of variety of plants and fruit trees. Along with that comes a lot of bugs and wildlife.

Avtar showed us to our unit and gave us a quick run down of the place. Here's the kitchen: recycling bin (plastic and paper), compost bucket, and small trash can. Here's the bathroom: garbage can next to toilet is for used toilet paper - "Don't flush it because the septic system can't handle it. If the water goes out get a bucket and get pool water to bring back to "flush" the toilet." I replied "IF the water goes out?" "Yes, sometimes without notice the utilities will shut off the water to do repairs or whatever." "Oh yes", said Avtar, "lastly, if a tarantula comes into the unit, please don't kill it, just use a plate or something to lift it up and place it back outside. Ok, well enjoy!"

Eden Atenas_side bedroom.JPG

The smaller bedroom behind the main area and up a couple of steps is great for someone who has kids. Especially due to the height of the room. It seems normal until you walk in and realize how low the ceiling is. Mark's head was only a few inches from the ceiling.

The evenings come early it seems. It gets dark about 6:00 pm and the bugs come alive. There is no AC, which is fine because the temperature is very nice throughout the day and night. There are screens on the windows but they're not all in tact, so some bugs find their way in. There are LOTS of ants here and in all shapes and sizes from tiny ghost ants to big 1" army ants. Most stay outdoors, but the teeny tiny ghost ants are all over the kitchen and bathroom sink.

It does rain here almost every day starting about 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm or so. We have been seeing a lot of lightning in the distance at night. It's kind of fun to see the flashes jump across the dark sky every night - it's quite a show from our bed as we fall asleep at night.

The mornings are bright and beautiful. The leaves glisten from the nights rain and the butterflies and humming birds make their rounds to the colorful flowers. We hear a cacophony of birds and insects as we wake up. Greeted by the dogs, we head up the stairs to the breakfast table set beautifully on the outdoor patio. Our view is spectacular as we look at the mountains, lush trees and plants. Directly in front of our table is a palm tree with red berries hanging from the side. Thursday morning (Sept 4th) we saw a Toucan fly onto the tree and pick the berries with it's big long colorful beak and fling them into it's mouth. It was only there for a few minutes. It seems like they are very skittish.  

Marco takes credit for this amazing picture - shot from our breakfast table.

Marco takes credit for this amazing picture - shot from our breakfast table.

Then comes the breakfast!!! Oh my goodness!! Jan is an amazing cook. Each day she fixes something different and it is all so delicious. It deserves it's own blog.

by Tina