From Ghetto to Tahoe

When we were driving around looking at rentals we stopped at a park. "Why are we stopping at this park Alex?" He replied, "There is someone who has a rental and told me to meet her here and I will follow her." Ok, we thought, we have no idea where we are. The woman showed up in her car and we followed her down a few streets and into a neighborhood. A really bad looking neighborhood. Mark & I both thought, Ummm I don't think this is someplace we want to live. We were at the dead end of the street in this ghetto and all of a sudden this huge 15 foot orange iron wall opens up. WHOA - it was like entering a whole other world.

It looked like Tahoe - big tall trees, big grassy area, two wood cabins (rental apartments), a pool, a huge trampoline, a BBQ area with a dry sauna and bathroom. We noticed that there was a school immediately adjacent to the property - literally shared a wall with this compound. "Doesn't this get a little noisy with the school right here?" I inquired. "Oh, not really, but maybe sometimes. Every 45 minutes the kids get a break and they come out and play. They are not in school today so it is quiet." she answered. After we looked around, we got back in the car and asked Alex about the neighborhood outside the compound. "Yes, this neighborhood is not so nice. That is why she had us meet her. If she told me where it was, I would not have taken you there. But once they get to know you, they will like you.  However, I wouldn't walk here at night." I thought, Yeah, ok, this place is a big NO.

by Tina

Inside the "compound":