Breaksfast at the B & B - Fantastic!

Every morning, while at the B & B, we were treated to the most awesome breakfasts ever! Each day had something different in store. There was usually an egg dish, a bread or starch, fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice or puree of some kind. Jan's talent for cooking is amazing.

Just a glimpse of our mornings menu:

Day one: Eggs Florentine over handmade pretzel bread, Mango-pineapple bread, fresh banana, strawberries, pineapple and mango sliced and arranged beautifully on a plate and juice puree of pineapple-banana.

Day two: Quiche with broccoli and ham, homemade cinnamon raisin bagels, homemade mango-raisin marmalade, fresh fruit plate: watermelon, mango, pineapple and strawberries, juice puree mango-pineapple.

Day three: Fried eggs, chicken sausage, potato-carrot pancakes, baked French toast, fresh fruit plate: watermelon, mango and strawberries, juice puree guanabana (fruit here in Costa Rica) and orange.

Day four: Breakfast tacos: whole wheat tortillas with scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese, homemade cinnamon rolls with mango chutney, fresh fruit: watermelon, pineapple & mango.

Day five: Scottish eggs, waffles with mango chutney, fresh fruit: mango & strawberries, juice puree mango-coconut.

Day six: Philly cheese crepes, chocolate mango-strawberry crepes, fresh fruit plate: watermelon, mango, strawberries, fresh squeezed orange juice.

Day seven (last day): Eggs Florentine, Cinnamon toast casserole, Fresh fruit: banana, lilikoi (red prickly looking outside skin), strawberries, pineapple & mango, fresh juice puree - mango/pineapple.

Oh, we will miss our gourmet breakfast and view every morning. It's back to cereal and toast.

Posted by Tina