Birthday dinner

Mark wanted to take me out to dinner on my birthday. He asked me where I wanted to eat and I really didn’t know. So, I went to the internet and looked on Trip Advisor for a recommendation in Boquete. I found a nice place called El Oasis.  Great reviews and beautiful grounds, so I called for reservations – no answer.  So, I emailed them – got a reply, reservations accepted – 6:00 pm. I was looking forward to a really nice dinner out.

I wasn’t thinking about the Flower & Coffee Festival until we headed into Boquete and ran into traffic – darn-it!! It is a single lane road with nowhere to turn around until you are in town. Living outside of Boquete we easily forgot about the traffic and the masses of people. We should have gone to dinner one day later, because the festival would have been over. But, we decided to trudge through the traffic and weave our way to the main bridge to cross. Whoa – the people were walking everywhere and people trying to park their cars everywhere and every which way. We crept along in the car inch by inch until we saw the bridge. Then we noticed it was blocked off and a policeman standing by. We stopped the car and rolled down the window. I said to him “We need to cross the bridge” and I pointed out the car window in the direction we needed to go.  In times of anxiety, Spanish words leave my mind. He had no idea what I said, but he did understand my pointing. The officer moved a few cones and we turned to drive across the bridge – very slowly. There was a sea of people walking across the bridge with no apparent care that there was a car behind them. We inched our way across and finally reached our destination. What should have taken us 20 minutes took 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We arrived at the restaurant and there was plenty of parking. We walked in and we were the only ones there – that could be good and could be bad. The waiter happily greeted us and knew who we were from the email reservations. We explained about the traffic and he was actually quite surprised that we came at all. He was very friendly and spoke good English. To start, I had vegetable soup that was so fresh and light and Mark had a rich tomato soup. We ordered fish - I had the trout and Mark had the Corvina –both were very flavorful. I opted to have vanilla ice cream for dessert and Mark had the cheesecake – yummy. My birthday dinner was very nice despite the travel time to get there.

Posted by Tina.